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A home is your castle, so why wouldn’t you want the best for your castle, inside and out. After all, first impressions of your castle start before a guest enters your front door. An orderly, well-manicured yard conveys a distinguished image, creates a welcoming atmosphere for guests and provides a peaceful, tranquil environment for you and your family.
Lawn services or Lawn maintenance should improve your lawn, landscape and home.
 Lawn maintenance helps extend your home life to the outdoors, protect your family from health concerns and even increase the value of your home.

TLC Ramirez services understands the need for quality lawn maintenance at an affordable price.  It is our mission to provide superior service at a price EVERYONE can afford!

What can we do?

Lawn maintenance shouldn’t be putting a big dent in your wallet. TLC Ramirez Services for an affordable quality lawn service. (209) 534-9415.
You should be proud of your lawn and garden. After all, they are an extension of your home. Therefore, in order to save precious time and still be able to have a beautiful lawn and garden you should call TLC Ramirez Services for their lawn maintenance.
Lawn maintenance, lawn maintenance, lawn maintenance is the key.
To have a beautiful lawn all year long you need to have someone regularly providing their care for your lawn.
So don’t wait any longer! Call today!
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What can TLC Ramirez Services do?
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*Lawn Services or Garden Maintenance:
            We have the ability to maintain any kind of turf. If your walks have not been edged in the past or are simply over-grown our edging services adds clean straight lines to your property. We’ll make sure to keep your lawn beautiful.  Eliminating and preventing weeds can be overwhelming but, does not have to be difficult.  However, it does require a plan of attack. We can determine the best options to rid your lawn of weeds.  We take weed control very seriously as a healthy lawn is a beautiful lawn! In order to maintain the integrity of the plant, tree, bush, or flower, we can also prune. If you have waste that needs removed we'd be happy to do so for you.
*Yard Clean up:
            If you’re yard has been abandoned and your weeds are out of control then we can solve that problem! ...Call it rubbish removal, trash removal, yard clean up, waste removal, hauling services, or simply junk removal – if you don't need it, and it's taking up space that you do need, than let us remove it for you.
*Sprinkler Repair:
            We, TLC Ramirez service members, are skilled at fixing sprinklers. We can repair or replace your existing sprinkler pipes, heads, valves, drip systems, timers and wiring, or set up new sprinkler stations to evenly distribute water to various parts of your property keeping your water pressure at a peek for each station.

*Swimming Pool Maintenance:
            Your swimming pool is a major investment for relaxation and fun. Since its cleanliness and water quality impact the enjoyment and health of every swimmer, why take chances with its maintenance and care? Call us today and watch your pool transform and sparkle like it never has before. And, yes, we’re very reliable!
*Pool Clean Up:
            Is your pool green? Your pool got out of control and has now turned into a green lagoon. Are you afraid of what sea creatures may have taken up residence in the lake in your backyard that you once called a swimming pool? NO PROBLEM! We will handle it. We can accomplish this by utilizing both your installed equipment and our cleaning supplies.
**We can help you with any of your projects.
**We can be your handy men for anything.

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